Our History

Over the years the core of who are and what we do has not changed, but who we do it for has grown.  We have worked for local and national builders, insurance companies, schools, nursing homes, councils and housing association.  But what we do the most and enjoy the best is looking after people’s homes.  We are very proud of our heritage and our journey from day R.A.Redman started to now is laid out below;


The business was established by Ron Redman in 1965.


In 1975 his brother Kenny came to work with him.


Kenny’s son, James joined the business in 1998 and started his apprenticeship.


In 2007 Dave, Ron’s son, helped set the business up for the 21st century, developing new systems and processes (and he is still helping today).


Kevan joined the business in 2014, bringing with him all the skills and experiences he has gained over the years, allowing us to do more of what we do best.


In 2017 Ed was welcomed to R.A.Redman as our latest engineer and has already made a really great impression on customers with his care and diligence.


At the start of 2018 Ron retired and Kenny took over the running of the business. Although retired Ron he will often pop into the office to have a chat about what’s going on.


By the end of the year Joe is going to qualify as a fully accredited plumbing and heating engineer.